I Don't Want To Go Insane

by Bad Kids To The Front

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Well guys, it's been about 7 months since "Post Teen Drama" came out and over a year since Bad Kids To The Front formed. I'm very happy to share with everyone I DON'T WANT TO GO INSANE, our second record. The bulk of the recording is from 3 studio sessions (in total 6 hours in the studio over a period of about 16 hours) at Seedco and Studio B in Lawrence over December 26th-27th while I was in Kansas for the holidays. Other pieces were recorded before and after these sessions, the oldest one dating back to August 13th, 2013 on Mark and I's final session together before I left for Texas. Some songs were planned, some were roughly sketched in our heads, and others we just picked up our instruments and started playing and went off whatever noise came first. Most of the songs I wrote came out of the dense depression I was in for a long time while I was first living in Texas. It's strangely personal just due to how I felt when I wrote some of these tracks. I'm pretty proud of it overall and I really hope you all enjoy it. We will always love you. :)


"Bad Kids to the Front continues their reign of tearing up experimental rock"
- Nathan Cardiff (I Heart Local Music)

"It's great!"
- Luke Underwood (SW/MM/NG)

"Once again, the new album is pretty awesome. Kind of BBDDM-ish, which I love, and is a high compliment, it's hard to pull off."
- Josh Thomas (C V L T S, Beer On The Rug)


released February 9, 2014


Bad Kids To The Front is:
Drew Smith - Guitar, Vox, Keys, Bass, Drums, Assorted Sounds
Stevevan Herd - Guitar, Drums
Chris Luxem - Drums, Vocals, Synthesizer
Evan Kolacny - Organ, Drums
Mark Osman - Drums

Additional Musicians:
Cameron Joel Hawk - Guitar on Track 2 and 6
Quinton "McPanda" Cheney - Guitar on Track 2 and 6

Mastered by Drew Smith

Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Drew Smith, Andrew Frederick, Quinton Cheney and Chris Luxem

Recorded at Seedco Studios, The Analog Room, Chez Panda Basement Studios And Studio B in Lawrence, KS and Somewhere Over The Rainbow Studios in Katy, TX.

All songs written and performed by Bad Kids To The Front
Except Track 1 which was written by Dan Nichols

All Lyrics Written by Drew Smith
Except Track 7 which was written by Jordan Knorr and Track 9 which was written By Gabi Gant And Drew Smith

Cover Art by Cameron Meseck


"Mechanical Brain"
Audens Raign (Dan Nichols) - Guitar, Drums
Dan's contribution was recorded in his basement in Burien, Washington with a 3/4 functioning Tascam 4 Track Recorder.

"Cold Cop"
Seventeen Years (Tony Freijat) - Guitar and Computer
Tony's contribution was recorded in his basement/room in Kansas City, Kansas.
April May March (Cameron Messeck) - Saxophone
Cameron's contribution was recorded at his home in the heart of Illinois.

"Her Untied Hair"
Succubus Station (Lasse Pouru) - Guitar
Lasse's contribution was recorded in his living room in Turku, Finland.
Prism Wulf (Jordan Knorr) - Vocals and Kaossilator
Jordan's contribution was recorded at the Wizard's Lair in Kansas City, Missouri.

"Sir Albert Plastic's Symphony"
Lost Trail (Zach and Denny Corsa) - Drone
Zach and Denny's contribution was recorded at their house in Burlington, North Carolina.

"That Dude Was Alright, But He Got Hit By A Plane"
Monster Bad (Chris Graci) - Vocals
Chris' contribution was recorded in his bedroom in Port Jefferson, New York.
Car Seat Headrest (Will Toledo) - Vocals
Will's contribution was recorded in his bedroom in Williamsburg, Virginia.

We own little to none of the samples used on this record. No copyright infringement intended.


Drew: Since the list of people I would want to thank would stretch for miles, I'm just going to generalize it. Thank you so much to ever single last person who helped make this record possible,everyone who has supported our music, my entire family, my friends in Kansas and Texas, Seedco Studios, Studio B and everyone who helped me with my problems with depression that have intensified over the last year. All of you guys are more important to me than you'll ever know, thank you so much.

Chris: Thanks to Rolf for lending me those brown socks during the winter.

Evan: I would like to thank Drew Smith, Seedco, Lawrence KS, Henry's Coffee Shop, Sam Foster, Whatever Forever, Rolf, CS, Stevevan and my family. Man, I've never done this, so weird. I'm tripping out mayne.



all rights reserved


Bad Kids To The Front Katy, Texas

Shoegaze/post punk band now located in Katy TX, originally formed in LFK. Third album "You Are Alone" out now.

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Track Name: Her Untied Hair (ft. Prism Wulf and Succubus Station)
I have been waiting...
ill just keep saying...
that my souls alive
inner workings are live...

but I know that this cant be true
and that flame has turned to blue
where'd you go?
Never seemed so low...

They come for me in the depths of night
those memories grasping to my light.
Haunted by shadows
of our cherished lives

now theyve gone away for good
no hope survives in me
ashes from reasons
unbeknownst to you

only a void remains iside
where I have to say goodbye

decontruction of the past
reconstructions coming fast
but when will it come?
When will it come?
When will it come?

Ill just keep waiting...
Ill just keep waiting...
that my souls alive
inner workings are fine.

but I know that this cant be true
and that flame has turned to blue
where'd you go?
Never seemed so low...

decontruction of the mind
decontruction of the mind

I know theyre coming for me
in the depths of the night
those memories grasping to my light...
Track Name: Pellucid Combustion Opus
weave the daisies through your toes/we'll go somewhere no one knows
It'll be just you and me/and the faces in the trees
sing the song you wrote for me/and sing the melody off key
come and sit a while, dear/you have nothing left to fear
i don't think that anyone cares/are bodies are now worse for wear
please don't sit in despair/tears will fall and skin they'll tear
we sit and watch the sun rise/it begins to illuminate the sky