You Are Alone

by Bad Kids To The Front

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I've been working on this album for two and a half years. In that time, my life has changed a lot. These songs capture a lot of the moments of change and struggling with moving forward. It feels crazy to finally send it out there into the world. I really hope everyone enjoys it.


released September 5, 2016


BAD KIDS TO THE FRONT on this recording is:

Drew Smith - Vocals, Multi-Instrumentalist
Ky Gabriel - Bass, Drums
Noe Hernandez - Drums

Mastered, Mixed, Recorded and Produced by Drew Smith

Recorded at Drew, Ky, and Noe's houses in Katy, TX

All songs written, composed, performed and recorded by Bad Kids To The Front, except "Dance Song '07" which was written by Chris Graci.

Cover Photo by Ben Graham


"Paper Birch"
Jad Elam, Jared Kirkpatrick, and David Freund - ARP 2600
Recorded by Jared in Oberlin Conservatory's TIMARA Studio #3 in Oberlin, OH

"Dance Song '07"
Monster Bad (Chris Graci) - Vocals and Bass

"That Time In My Life Must Be Over Now"
Lake Mary (Chaz Prymek) - Guitar


Drew - I want to start off by thanking all of the people who have come in and out of Bad Kids during the two and a half years it took to make this record and in the almost 4 years the band has been together. Specifically I want to thank Matt Catalano, Keegan Lorenz, Morgan Miller, Bell Manrique, Eli Neal, Dave Garcia, Nathan Vidal, and Ron Barzilay for being big parts of these songs as they were developing. I want to thank Noe and Ky for sticking around through all the craziness. Thank you to all my friends and bandmates in Lawrence that consistently push me to be as creative as possible in what I do. Thank you to my new friends in Houston and Katy who've come to our shows and listened to our music. Thanks to Ben for taking pictures for us. Thank you to my family for supporting me and letting me play guitar loudly late at night. And most of all, thank you to my girlfriend Val for giving me the love and confidence I needed to finally release these songs and feel like they're good enough to be out there in the world. This album wouldn't have happened without you and I love you so much.

Noe - I want to say thank you to Drew for giving me this chance to play on the record, thank you to my old drumming instructor Luis "El Diablo" Zozaya for teaching me how to drum even better than before, and both my mom and dad for supporting me and actually giving me my first drum set.

Ky - Thanks to my girl for showing up to shows when we were getting started. Thanks to that girl for pushing me to become a better musician to spite them. And thanks to my current partner for making me a better person. Also thanks to all the band members who have come and gone for putting up with my sense of humor.

This album is dedicated to two men: Steve Smith and Bill Tryon. Both of them where my grandfathers, on different sides of my family. They both died during the two and a half year period this album was made in. Both of them played an undeniable part in the writing and creation of the content of the album. I hoped that I would be able to show them both this record before they died, but unfortunately that did not happen. I truly hope they would have enjoyed it.



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Bad Kids To The Front Katy, Texas

Shoegaze/post punk band now located in Katy TX, originally formed in LFK. Third album "You Are Alone" out now.

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